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UNIX Help for Users
For more help with UNIX, try this guide from the University of Edinburgh

UNIX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
These seven articles contain the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions often seen in comp.unix.questions and

History of UNIX
UNIX was originally developed at Bell Laboratories as a private research project by a small group of people. Read all about the history of its creation.

Free Linux Distributions

Linux for the Desktop

Fedora Core is derived from the original Red Hat Linux distribution, and it is aimed towards home users.

Ubuntu is based on the GNOME desktop environment, which is intended to provide a free, simple and intuitive interface while offering a full range of modern desktop applications.

Linux for the Server

Community supported distribution which aims to be 100% compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux without Red Hat branding and various non-free software., © November, 2002