Special Engineering Project

SEP Team 06/07

The special engineering project is a level 3 group project to build a robot. The robot has been designed to patrol the corridors of the CVSSP at the University of Surrey. Each member of the team had specific robot sub-systems to concentrate on. The 06/07 project team consisted of the following people doing the following roles:


Martin Nicholson - Decision System, Route Planning & Project Management
Ahmed Aichi - Network API & Wireless LAN Positioning System
Edward Cornish - Ultrasound Sensors & Drive Management System
Peter Helland - Image Processing using both On-board Camera & External Surveillance Cameras


Below is a team photo showing most of the team with both of the robots. Starting from the left the people are: Peter Helland, Martin Nicholson and Edward Cornish.

We chose to build two identical robots, called Adam and Eve. It was decided that each robot would consist of a laptop on top of a chassis. The laptop is suitable to act as the robot’s brain because it can run readily available industry standard software and provides significant processing power. The chosen chassis was the Lynxmotion 4WD3, which has a maximum payload of 2.3kg. This confined us to an ‘ultra portable’ laptop - we used two existing Dell Latitude X200 laptops. The chassis comes with four geared motors and requires a dual channel motor controller. Two extra frames suitable for fixing the laptops to were made and mounted on the chassis. Below are photos from various angles of Eve in its final state: