Karnaugh Map Method of Multiplexer Implementation

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Introduction Introduction

It can be seen that applying Boolean algebra can be awkward in order to implement multiplexers. This is because it takes a lot of practice and can be very difficult to determine the set of laws and propositions to use.

Karnaugh maps provide a simple and straight-forward method of implementing multiplexers. With the Karnaugh map Boolean expressions having up to four and even six variables can be implemented.

It is presumed that you are familiar with the basics of Karnaugh maps however, if you are unfamiliar then click here.

Example Examples

Example 1:

Consider the function:

Figure 1

As with the algebraic method example, C is taken to be the data variable and A,B to be the select variables.

Example 2:

In the above example we could have picked any variable to be the data variable and the other two as select variables. Suppose one were to take A as the data variable. The corresponding Karnaugh map is then:

Figure 3

Problems Problems

Design multiplexer implementations for the following functions using the Karnaugh map method.

For the first problem, try using A as the data variable and B,C as the select variables.
For the second problem, try using C as the data variable and A,B as the select variables.


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