Basic Logic Gates Tutorial

1. Download the "Basic Logic Gates" Simulation and run it by pressing this button:

2. The simulation will have seven front panels of different gates with switches connected to them. First of all to explain how the simulation works, have a look at the AND gate panel, it should look like the diagram below.

As you can see there are two switches, one for the A input and one for the B input. Just after the switches there are indicators to tell you what value the switch has set the inputs to, 0 or 1. The inputs go in to the gate and then the output from the gate goes to another indicator to display the output value from the gate, 0 or 1.

3. If you try switching the switches, you will see the values change accordingly.

4. You can now use all the other basic gate simulation panels to verify that the truth tables correspond to the behaviour of the logic gates.

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Richard Bigwood 2005