Home Page - The first page you see

Chapter 1 - Decoders, (second page - function implementation, Quiz.)

Chapter 2 - Hazards, (Quiz)

Chapter 3 - Sequential Circuits. An introduction.

Chapter 4 - State Diagrams. The first stage of sequential circuit design. (Quiz)

Chapter 5 - Implication Tables. A minimisation stage of design. (Second page - a general method, Quiz)

Chapter 6 - Flip-Flops. The main flip-flops available. (Second page - simulations and tasks to do, Quiz)

Chapter 7 - State Assignment. The final stage of sequential circuit design. (Second page - final part of the method, Quiz)

LabVIEW Examples directory - Where all the LabVIEW simulations can be found

LabVIEW Tutorial - Learn how to use LabVIEW quickly

Flash Source Files - If you need to edit any flash files then here are the originals.