Executables(SUN, solaris 2.5 or above) of the tools described below are stored in the tools directory. The examples below assume the current directory is $lip_tracking/examples/ where original image files and corresponding .spl files exist in current directory. Also $lip_tracking/tools has been added to the path environment variable.

  1. Single frame using xv

    Two utility programs, splpointset and pointovl, can draw a lip contour in the original .ppm to produce an overlay .ovl.ppm file. Below is an example that generates an overlay file on `101.ppm':

    Where `out.101.ppm.spl' is tracking result on the frame (101) where `101.ppm' is the original image. `out.101.ppm.ovl' is the spline overlaid ppm image file.

    Many viewer, eg xv, can display a .pgm file and convert it into other formats, eg. `.gif'.

  2. Sequence using xv

    xv can display an image sequence. A .csh script render generates overlay files for all frames. After generating all overlay files of a sequence, you can view the full tracking results by:

     xv -wait 0 ovl.?.ppm ovl.??.ppm ovl.???.ppm
  3. Fast sequence using MPEG viewer

    The ovl.pgm sequence set of files can be converted into an MPEG file. Many packages available on the web can do this convention, eg. ImageMagic.

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