Directory Structure

This directory uses subjects' identification (ID) numbers (both 200 clients and 95 impostors) in the XM2VTS database as sub-directory names (000~371). Some people dropped out during the four-month recording period, therefore not all the ID numbers in the (000~371) range are present.

For each subject, the results are sorted according to the session number (1 to 4). Under each session, results are obtained for two sequences: sent1_2 and sent4_5. If there is results for sentence 3, "sent3" will be used.

Results for each sequence are stored in a directory whose name has the following structure: "ID/session_No/sequence_tag/". For example, 030/session2/sent4_5 contains lip tracking output obtained for client 030 in session 2 when speaking sentence one and sentence two in second time (shot 2).

File 'spl.tar.gz' is compressed file using "tar" and "gzip", it includes lip spline data for all frame in that sequence. After uncompression, the base filename in the format of 'out.xx.ppm.spl' will be produced. Where the 'xx' is the frame number staring from 0. i.e. 'out.123.ppm.spl' represents the tracking result output on frame 123.

The structure of the directory with lip tracking results is analogous to the structure of the XM2VT frontal view face database.

For more details about .spl file, see output Format.

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