XM2VTSDB Documentation

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matas-icpr00.ps.gz (160K) Results of the ICPR 2000 face authentication contest. Lists all identity verification results on XM2VTSDB frontal face data according to the Lausanne protocol published before June 2000. [bibtex]
[ps(1M), pdf(380K)]
Description of the content of the database. The protocol for evaluating varification algorithms on the database is presented. [bibtex]
messer-biosig98.ps.Z (363K) Paper about the acquisition of the xm2fdb published at the BioSig98 conference in June 1998
cds001.ps (78K) Instructions for CDS001
cds002.ps (78K) Instructions for CDS002
cds003.ps (72K) Instructions for CDS003
cds005.ps (72K) Instructions for CDS005
cds006.ps (72K) Instructions for CDS006
cds008.ps (79K) Instructions for CDS008
dvd001.ps (81K) Instructions for DVD001
[word doc, postscript, pdf] User license agreements

For access to all our groups publications, including many on face verification and recognition please go to our main publcations page.

Kieron Messer.