Face Authentication Contest at AVBPA2003

Organised by Kieron Messer, (University of Surrey)

In order to promote evaluation of pattern recognition algorithms using publicly available datasets and standard performance assessment methodology, a competition for the best face authentication (verification) algorithms took place in conjunction with the AVBPA 2003 conference.

The tests were carried out using the frontal image sets CDS001 and CDS006 (or set CDS007 which is a union of CDS001 and CDS006) from the XM2VTS database. Data from the database are available at the cost of distribution. A brief description of the database presented at AVBPA99 (Second International Conference on Audio and Video-based Biometric Person Authentication) is available online.

The results of the competition are presented in this paper (pdf 200KBytes).

In the year 2000 a similar contest on the same database and protocol were organised as part of ICPR. The results are summarised here (ps). .

For more information, contact Kieron Messer