Geometric Normalisation

For the manual part to the ICBA and ICPR Face Autentication Competitions a set of geometrically normalised images have been supplied.

The geometric normalisation used consists of two steps.

- Smoothing

- Rotating and scaling

The smoothing is performed using a Gaussian Filter of 5x5 which is given by the convolution of the filter:

The rotation and scaling outputs an image of size 55 rows x 51 cols. The left-eye is mapped onto the pixel position (19, 38) and the right-eye is mapped onto the pixel position (19, 12). The diagram below shows a representation of this.

I have made the source code that performs the geometric normalisation available. However, it relies on the RAVL image libraries..

I have also compiled a linux binary that should work on most linux i386 architectures.

Please contact me for any further details