ICBA and ICPR Competitions Frequently Asked Questions


1) If I want to participate in FAC 2004, What kind of Banca database do I need?

For the ICBA competition you will only need the Controlled data set C.
For the ICPR competition you will need data set ALL.

2) If we intend to enter the competition do we still have to pay to obtain the database?

Yes you will. We charge a fee to obtain the BANCA database in order to help cover the costs of distribution and support of the database. However, in order to promote the two competitions we have halved the price of the database until December 2003 for academic institutions.

3) According to Homepage, In Part I: Pre-registered Images the resolution of the images is 55x51 pixels, but the resolution of all images in BANCA - ALL CD is 720x576 according to homepage.

The extra set of images have been pre-normalised by us both geometrically and photometrically. When you receive the BANCA dataset, you will receive these images. These will be provided at no extra cost.

4) According to AVBPA paper 2003, the participant can use external data for training. Can I use extra database such as AR, CMU PIE, and etc?

Yes you can.

5) The Pooled(P) configuration is complex in first step, and it is possible for some participants to misunderstand this configuration. Do you have any plan to provide extra information such as Training File List and Test File List?

I have generated the training and test files for the both protocols MC and Pooled and placed them on the Banca web-site.

6) How do I register for either competition?

Just send me an email to K.Messer@ee.surrey.ac.uk stating your interest?